Hosted Services / Colocation

Improve the security and reliability of your server with colocation.


Think of it as a “Bring-Your-Own-Server” data center. You setup your machine, you maintain full control remotely, and we take care of the facility itself. Co-Location is great for driving down hosting costs, avoiding some of the infrastructure costs involved in server management, creating an off-site backup solution, and in general, increasing your confidence in the security and reliability of your servers.

Hosted Services Advantage


Configured to suit your business and customer needs exactly.

Expert Installation

Our team will get you up and running with an expert install, onboarding and agile support.

Less Downtime

Enjoy less downtime and lightening fast agile support to keep you online.

Video Conferencing

Easily self-manage your system, making updates simple and fast. But we’re always here if you need help.

Agile Assets

At absolutely no extra cost, you will enjoy these convenient features:

  • Worry Free Security – With secure monitored entries, individual swipe card controlled access and firewall intrusion detection you know your servers will be protected.
  • High Speed – With speeds up to 10 Gbps, accessing and transferring your files is quick and easy.
  • Circuit Redundancy – With layer 2 and 3 redundancy, servers will have a fail-safe for file backup.
  • Hardware Protection – Your data is important, which is why we have redundant power grids with generator back-ups and uninterruptible power supply systems. Your servers are kept cool with air conditioning, temperature and humidity control.
  • Real-time Information – Real-time information gives you the ability to monitor your network and traffic with detailed graphs.

Business Class Solutions

Find out how businesses like yours depend on Agilis Networks:

Agilis for Start-Ups

You are a start-up company or one that’s growing fast. You need communication tools that work as efficiently as you.

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Agilis for Small Business

You need the right communication tools that work with you and that seamlessly integrate into your business.

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Agilis Medium Business

You have a diverse group of employees who need the right communication tools to stay connected.

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Agilis for Enteprise

You need the right communication tools to back you up. With your resources, the sky’s the limit.

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