Explore common questions about AgilePhone, Email and Fibre Optic Internet.

Agilis Networks FAQ

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How can I close my MyAccount?
What if I no longer want receive e-bills and would like to go back to receiving paper bills?
What if I don’t remember my password to MyAccount?
Can I receive both an e-bill and paper bill?
Will I still receive bill inserts with my e-bills?
Is a MyAccount portal and e-billing secured?
How do I sign-up for e-billing on the MyAccount portal?
What are the benefits of MyAccount?
What is a MyAccount Portal?
What are the benefits of receiving e-bills?
What is an e-bill?
How can I receive a copy of my bill?
When will I receive my bill?
How can I pay my bills?
How many days do I have to pay the bill?
Who can I contact if I have a question about my e-bills or MyAccount?
What information can I see on my bill?
What are my connectivity settings?
What is the standard size of mailboxes?
Is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) authentication required?
How do I change my password?
What is the maximum size of an email message?
I am receiving an error 550 message when sending an email. How do I fix that?
Are IP addresses static or dynamic?
How do I change my PPPoE password?
I appear to have limited or no connectivity to the internet. How do I fix this?
I seem to be having speed issues with my internet connection. What can be the problem?
How do I set up my voicemail?
I want to learn more about the functionality of my AgilePhone. Do you have tools to help?