Agilis Networks for the Mining Industry

We power mining sector companies with fast and reliable services—built for the demands of high-performance businesses.

Safety, Surveying, Mines, Design, Operations, Technicians, Supply & Services, Exploration, Data Collectiong

Why Agilis Networks?

Mining supply & services companies require powerful internet and best-of-class communications solutions to meet and exceed the demands of a constantly evolving industry. 

From internal operations to connecting with sites all over the world, the mining sector relies on high-speed telecommunications with fast download and upload speeds, and top tier VoIP phone services. Agilis Networks technical specialists resolve issues quickly and always offer a first-rate level of support. 

Agilis Networks is built for this! We work with you to customize your solution; you get exactly what you need, no less. With Agilis Networks, you gain a partner in business.

We Build Connections for Life.

The Agile Advantage

Bandwidth + speed for technology creation and testing

Get the download and upload speeds you need to work quickly and effectively with large files and equipment. 

Flexible phone systems

Stay connected internally and internationally with desk phones and/or VOIP soft phones in office, at home or on the go.

Reliable and secure

Gain peace-of-mind that your critical business connections and files are safe and secure.