In order to keep your business running you need the best possible internet. Agilis Networks has fibre-optic internet designed specifically for business needs. We are built for business communications and you are our number one priority.


Business Internet Advantage

Be Connected

Wherever you are, be connected to your office, your people and your data.


Configured to suit your business and customer needs exactly.

Expert Installation

Our team will get you up and running with an expert install, onboarding and agile support.

Less Downtime

Enjoy less downtime and lightening fast agile support to keep you online.

Why should I pick fibre-optic over cable?

  • We can handle the usage - It is 2:30 p.m. and you are having a video conference call with a business client in Toronto when all of a sudden the video starts to cut in and out. That’s because one co-worker is streaming music while doing research, another is watching an online tutorial and your boss is on a video call. Cable internet cannot handle an over-saturated network. With Agilis Networks fibre-optic internet, your team - no matter the size - can work without slowing each other down.
  • Data freedom - Tired of going over your allotted data for the month and paying overage fees? Agilis Networks fibre-optic internet has no data caps, meaning you are free to use your internet when and how you need it.
  • Less downtime - As a business, downtime is not an option. Did you know it takes an average of 48 hours for internet companies to repair a failed connection? Agilis Networks knows that you rely on the internet and phone system to keep you working, which is why it takes us an average of 4 hours to get your fibre-optic internet back up and running. Plus, in the case of failed infrastructure we can often reroute your fibre-optic internet to keep you connected.
  • Speeds customized for you - Our fiber-optic internet is completely scalable. If you find that you need more speed or more bandwidth, let us know and we’ll provision that quickly. Agilis Networks is a business internet service that will grow with you.
  • Speed you can depend on - Fibre-optic internet works on a full duplex system. This means two devices can send and receive data at the same time, like having a conversation on the phone. This means your internet is twice as fast as a half duplex cable internet system.
  • A match made in heaven - With our AgilePhone system and fibre-optic internet your phone calls will have the best voice quality available.

Fibre Comparison

All internet isn’t created equal – generally speaking here are some network features behind every technology type.

  Excellent      In Some Cases    Bad 

Half DuplexDownloading and uploading happen one at a time, like a walkie-talkie conversation.
Full DuplexDownloading and uploading happen simultaneously, like a two-way phone conversation.
SymmetricalDownload and upload speeds can be the same.
Node SaturationProne to hidden congestion on the network, like a business getting significant slow downs when schools are out.
Data CapsA limit that internet service providers put on you the amount of bandwidth a person can use.
Slow ResponseIt takes an average time of 48 hours to repair when an outage occurs (48 Hour MTTR).
Quick ResponseIt take an average time of 4 hours to repair when when an outage occurs (4 hour MTTR).
Easily UpgradableService can be easily upgraded to higher speeds.
Best Quality Voice ServicesWhen using VoIP service, it has the clearest voice quality.
Best Network for UptimeService has better percentage of time that it is operational.
Failover DesignNetwork is designed for failover in cases of infrastructure loss (i.e. downed hydro pole, switch failure etc.)

Business Class Solutions

Find out how businesses like yours depend on Agilis Networks:

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Start-Up/Fast Growth

You are a start-up company or one that’s growing fast. You need to be smart with your resources, while also meeting the continually evolving needs of your business environment. Simply put, you need communication tools that work as efficiently as you.

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Small Business

You are a small business and you are proud of the work that's gotten you this far. You need the right communication tools that work with you and that seamlessly integrate into your business.

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Medium Business

You are a medium sized business and you have a sizeable share of the market. You have a diverse group of employees who need the right communication tools to stay connected. Those tools need to be reliable and work just as hard as you do.

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Corporate/ Institutional

You are taking over the world one day at a time and nobody is stopping you. In order to continue your reign, you need the right communication tools to back you up. With your resources, the sky's the limit.

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